What is VishAI

VishAi Automated Your Investment.

VishAi uses learning algorithms to analyze dynamics, find momentum and increase probability in real-time. Learn from your behavior to provide accurate insights tailored to your goals and preferences.

Stop worrying, we see the whole situation. You can move forward with confidence, your decision will take you one step closer to success with Vishai.

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Main Features

The VishAI Features

We Made This Feature Very Careful And Detailed, Making It Easy To Use.

Technical Analysis

All existing technical patterns have been input. You just have to choose to adjust it.

Fundamental Analysis

AI automatically learns fundamental analysis from various trusted sources, processed and presented via UI/UX making it easy for you to use it.

Custom strategy

You can combine several or even many strategies. Vishai was created to be able to adapt to your wishes.

Opportunity alert

Vishai will notify you via your smartphone/IOS when there will be a good opportunity in the market, or you can automate opening a position.

Multiple Exchange

You can add multiple Exchange accounts to Vishai.

Other Features

There are many other features that we haven't mentioned. Join the community to get the benefits of using VishAi.

Vishai Advantages

VishAi Never Lags Behind On Any Occasion.

Missing momentum and opportunities is often experienced by a Investor, maintaining psychology and money management is difficult to do especially by a traditional investor, as with other automated tools they only rely on technical analysis without looking at the fundamental side, the result is that their automated tools often fail in making decisions and it is also detrimental to Investors.

We created VishAi to overcome all of that, VishAi not only studies technical analysis but also studies very deeply the fundamental side of a market, that is the basis of Vishai, thus making Vishai have a very high level of accuracy, precision in making all decisions.

How Vishai Works

Vishai works by studying the market by collaborating between technical analysis and fundamental analysis, in practice you can adjust your style, you can also filter technical analysis according to your habits when opening the market, so it will make you comfortable when using Vishai.

VishAi will adapt your habits and automatically collaborate with fundamental analysis that Vishai has learned from various trusted sources.

Moreover, please join our community to find out the unique features of Vishai that you will not find in other automated tools in the world.

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VishAI Roadmap

This is VishAI journey which we dedicate to the community, so that we can always move forward and progress.

2023 Q4
Phase 1

  • Mainnet launch
  • Build VishAi Website
  • Make VishAi as Crypto Payment
  • Push VishAi On Github
  • Build VishAi Community
  • Release Social Media
  • Release VishAi Explorer
  • Development of Consensus Algorithms
  • VishAi Wallet
  • VishAi First Pool
  • List to Exchange
2024 Q1
Phase 2

  • List to Aggregator
  • First VishAi library
  • Blockbook for VishAi
  • More pools
  • Partner Liquid mining
  • List to Exchange Medium Tier
2024 Q2
Phase 3

  • VishAi Webwallet
  • Update VishAi Website
  • List to Exchange Medium Tier
  • VishAi Test Beta
  • List to Aggregator
  • Create Github community
2024 Q3
Phase 4

  • Publish Whitepaper Documentation
  • List to Aggregator Medium Tier
  • AI, ML, DL, RL Model Development
  • VishAi Test Level Up
  • List to Exchange Medium Tier
  • Adjustment with VishAi
  • Centralized exchange launch
2024 Q4
Phase 5

  • Decentralized exchange launch
  • List to Exchange Tier 1/2
  • Test VishAi Beta to Community
  • Advance Test Model Development
  • Security Audits
  • Launch Beta For VishAi Holder
  • Partnership and Collaboration
2025 Q1
Phase 6

  • Development VishAI to Android / IOS
  • Application Development and Support
  • Services
  • List to Exchange Tier 1/2
  • List to Aggregator Tier 1/2
  • Adding More ..

CPU-based Proof-Of-Work coin with the YesPower algorithm and has many advantages and has a smartnode in it.

- Coin Symbol: VISH
- Reward: 5,000 VISH
- Max Supply: 13,000,000,000 VISH
- Block Time: 60 Seconds
- Masternode Collateral: 1,000,000 VISH

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